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I started practicing Yoga in 1992 and it has inspired me and helped me ever since. I am committed to a daily practice of Yoga and meditation which, together with my teacher training since 2008 with the Inner Yoga Trust, gives me an understanding of how to live well in my body, find balance and peace within a busy life.

My teaching gives attention and detail to the way our bodies can connect within and integrate - subtle and deep work, and suitable for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike. Working in this way with the body and breath gives positive effects on the mind and emotions. 

My Yoga teacher training took three years of residential weekends and weeks, a thorough and practical training course. My teaching lineage includes these well known international teachers: B.K.S. Iyengar, emphasising the importance of good anatomical alignment, Vanda Scaravelli, who brought an understanding of modern Western bodies, the importance of using gravity and freeing the body to unfold into movement, plus Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten, who explore the inner body and inner experiences and develop the practice for each unique individual. My own teachers, Sarah Waterfield, Sue Peggs and Jenny Beeken have integrated these and other teachings into the Yoga school known as the Inner Yoga Trust. These teachers have shown me how to look closely at an individual student’s body and see how to assist them to practice Yoga safely and well, developing in a way that’s right for them. I have enjoyed discovering details and principles of anatomy, and relating this to personal experience of Yoga, and this underpins every class I teach.

Apart from Yoga, I have years of experience in meditation and mindfulness, Five Rhythms dance and contemporary dance. Possibly my biggest learning has come from being a mum of two, and home educating for several years. My parents were both antenatal NCT teachers, so I grew up in an environment of discussion and teaching of pregnancy, birth and babies. I birthed both my babies at home.

I also work at the University of Manchester to facilitate the professional development of research staff, particularly of their teaching skills. I've been a Researcher Developer since 2005. My PhD was in ecology.

I enjoy teaching Yoga and continue to develop through taking further workshops and courses for my professional development. 

My Vision

I aim to support women and their partners towards a healthy, happy pregnancy and birth experience. I aim to support mothers to bond with their babies, restore their bodies, build a community in motherhood and enjoy great wellbeing!

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